Joining us here today is none other than one of the fastest growing talents in the underground Uplifting scene whose rich, multifaceted sound has earned him the clout and adaptability that’s essential to survive in this cut throat industry. Paul Rigel began producing Trance  a mere two years ago and while most artists take around 4-6 years to get close to a professional level, his success has been explosive with a slew of hand crafted Originals and smatterings of remixes and collaborations. He first rose to international acclaim with his stellar singles on Blue Soho and Infrasonic Future entitled Never Look Back and Ehrgeiz, which was supported by high end artists such as RAM, Eddie Bitar, Temple One, Matt Bukovski and Ahmed Romel, and his stellar, unreleased bootleg of Armin van Buuren‘s Communication has gained the approval of head Trance honchos Andrew Rayel and Arctic Moon. While he is heavily involved within the Uplifting spectrum of Trance, Rigel is also privy for producing other genres, as his upcoming single of Krusade is heavily steeped within the troughs of stadium formatted 134 Trance. However, his new, upcoming single entitled Rejuvenative is yet another departure from his usual musical M.O.,  as it does away with soaring, uptight melodies and instead invites us back into the sounds of aged, Anjunabeats Proglifting of yore, where deep, decadent basslines and joyous, spirited melodies reign supreme.

The track starts off with a beautiful Balearic feel in the beginning, as the combination of exotic, flamenco guitar and mint piano ostinatos perfectly set the scene towards a magical evening on the blissful coast of the shore. However, this exciting thematic element is quickly met head-on with driving, pulsating basslines, whose thick, crunchy attributes takes the center stage of the melodic material; which is very unusual since most Uplifting tracks do not have a melodic bassline. This attribute is what makes Proglifting so awe-inspiring; it mixes every single element into a bubbly romp that twirls around in circles of exuberant passion and delight. The breakdown signals the onset of a wonderful piano line that strikes through the soundscape as soft, fluffy pads effortlessly accompany the piano line like a great fuzzy cloud in the sky. As the wondrous melody begins its setup for launch, the onset of returning basslines, repeating basskicks and the slow removal of filter effects add tension and animation towards the phrase, as well as anchors the melody onto a more concrete support system, albeit gradually. Finally, the advent of electrifying energy storms over towards a powerfully passionate drop where the combination of lighthearted melodies, broad, expansive basslines and glimmering, Uplifting pads sends the music soaring over the airy clouds as this single, breathtaking moment of pure elation sweeps over the body and floods it with ample amounts of feel good vibes and exuberance.

Paul Rigel’s mesmerizing new single, Rejuvenative, is out now on Infrasonic Future via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy today and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q