Trance’s most prolific artist has done it again with a brand new single that is destined to become the best Trance track of 2014, but what else do you expect from one of the best producers in the world? The legendary talents of Will Atkinson has been taking over the world by storm this year and is set to maintain his status as one of the premier Uplifting artists throughout the entire Trance community. His singles are effortlessly gorgeous; his livesets are a great combination of old school tracks and current Trance smashers with an air of unique creativity that’s missing from 99% of DJ’s these days and his murky, engaging Darkboy tracks are some of the most original productions ever conceived throughout the history of Trance, (which is also offered in a variety of styles and genres). After his successful debut on FSOE with his single of Eternally, Atkinson has eyed the mighty Subculture for the release of his monstrous new single entitled Victims, which has completely floored his contemporaries upon first listen. Along with being heavily supported by Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila and Simon Patterson during his DJ residency on BBC Radio 1, the courageous Bryan Kearney has these words to say: “Without a doubt one of the tunes of the year from a producer that is making us look like complete amateurs in comparison. Take a bow Will, take a bow“. Additionally, John Askew had these sentiments in mind: “Victims is a huge record from Will. It has one of those monster riffs of a style and quality that you only hear once or twice a year. This is powerful, peak time stuff of epic proportions.

Right from the get go, Atkinson‘s powerful, authoritative presence is firmly established in the first opening bars with a sinister upward bassline that slices through the arrangement like a soldering iron through metal as massive, chunky basskicks are ripe full of attitude and spunk. It breaks down and we hear the cold, dominating basslines devour everything in sight with its colossal sound designs, and each oncoming instrumental, such as girthy basskicks, Techno hi-hats and small melodic interludes are specifically designed as a sucker punch to the face upon each phrase. In the ensuing breakdown, Will tackles the project from a completely different approach, as the advent of cinematic strings, orchestral trumpets and warm, analog basslines set up a completely different tone and character than the chaotic beginning. A collection of melodic instruments, such as repeating synths, blippy signals and brittle bells set up the melody via pointilism, which is apparent because alone, they do not control the melody, but together, they form one, consistent melodic line. A brisk, fierce melody beings its glorious message and keeps on building on top of each other throughout the entire buildup before jumping into an entirely different melody above the original and belts out a storming drop that is dripping in the Uplifting styles of Bryan Kearney with his own, personal touch. However, the incoming darkness quickly approaches and we again hear that sinister bassline being carried forth by the victims of the dead and damned, which insures that once it connects, there’s nothing that would be able to stop it.

Will Atkinson‘s tremendous single, Victims, is out now on the mighty Subculture label via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q