Respect is something you need if you are in a business. Sure, you can be disliked by your peers, but if they still have respect for you then you will be able to flourish within your given realm. When you lose that respect, then chances are you and your business are going to fail (unless you work on Wall Street). However, Gatcrasher isn’t a bank, or some other financial institution, it’s a club brand that has operated throughout the world. However, I don’t think that’s how things will work for long.

The last year has been, well, I don’t really know what to call it. A mess is one thing, but this is another thing entirely. Thanks to Beats Media, who cataloged all the negative happenings (confirmed and otherwise) that the company has gone through, you get to see just how the story has unfolded. This is no sob story though, where we have a once thriving company losing its magic and subsequently dying out. No, this is the story of a company whose acts has caused the likes of Afrojack, Danny Howard, MistaJam and more to cancel their shows at the Ibiza venue. Hell, even Créche ended a residency with them. Why?

Because apparently Gatecrasher doesn’t know much about compensation. Numerous workers reported not being paid for their labor, while rent and other debts, including taxes, go unpaid as well. It has sketchy written all over it and that’s before you even get into first hand accounts from previous workers there.

Staff were only paid after they became an annoyance, anybody who didn’t pursue payment actively simply did not get paid.

Did I also mention their Ibiza home only opened two months ago? How, I have no clue. With the debts they had before it was a miracle to see it open. The company’s places in Watford and Leed are both closed now and as you can tell, Ibiza isn’t wowing anybody in any good way.

Most of the issues have to do with money, but when it comes down to it, it has to do with respect. When you own a business, you must respect your workers, the people you make deals with as well as any affiliates you might have. Gatecrasher has lost their respect. They’ve lost much more than that, too. For the full scoop, head over to Beats Media in the source where you can find all the gruesome details laid out for anybody to comprehend. If you are already disgusted enough, then feel free to cheer yourself up by reading about an industry head who knows a thing or two about respect, or by checking out some of the free music we have posted recently.

Source: Beats Media