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For those who do not know him, DJ Pierre is considered as one of the pioneers of Acid House. A legend in Chicago, Pierre does not agree with the statement that edm has started the past few years; it has been around us ever since house music started.

In a recent interview with The Fader, DJ Pierre talked about the influences that Acid House had on electronic music:

“I think it definitely shaped techno and trance, you know, especially techno. All the rougher sounds didn’t start coming about until after acid house blew up. It brought a different way of thinking into the house music scene. – DJ Pierre

He also made the following statement about the beginning of edm:

“I don’t agree with people acting as though this whole EDM thing started a few years ago. EDM culture is not separate from house music. – DJ Pierre

It really troubles me that people think house music is not edm. House music started in Chicago in the 1980s, and it was the beginning for all the other genres. Edm stands for electronic dance music, thus, house for sure! Actually, edm is not even a genre; it is just a word that collects all electronic music styles under one name. Remember, all electronic music is edm, but only a part of it is house music.