Hailing from the rolling pastures of beautiful Poland comes forth another brilliant Trance artist whose swift, connective sound has been rooting from the troughs of Armada to the skies of Uplifting, as he representing the very core of Trance itself. Not to be confused with the Progressive House artist, Arty, A.R.D.I. has been a silent, but powerful force of Uplifting whose upcoming talents have been largely, (and unfairly), unnoticed by the majority of major fans around the world. We first caught wind of his extensive musical abilities with his astonishing single with Allam entitled Nevermore on Blue Soho Recordings and since then, we have kept a very close eye on any of his future tracks. Since then, he has released singles on Arisa Audio, Synchronized, Black Hole Recordings and ASOT, where his smashing single, The Ultimate Destination, was a particular set favorite of the mighty John O’Callaghan. In addition to a stellar remix to The Thrillseekers & Sam Mitcham‘s All The Little Things, he has been fruitfully establishing his maturing sound and his solid reputation as an artist who constantly delivers tune after tune. However, as much as we enjoyed those pieces, they still didn’t contain that same magic that Nevermore did and we were afraid that he was never going to tap into that spark of creativity ever again. But lo and behold, A.R.D.I. has once again floored us with his upcoming, Pure Trance masterpiece entitled Sunflowers, which features the incredible vocals of Cynthia Hall.

Instantly from the get go, A.R.D.I. smoothly establishes the tone of the piece by perfectly pairing down each element of the track so that the vocals can clearly shine through, as faint whispers of 2003 Trance echoes throughout the entire soundscape. As the lyrics, “to keep us warm when the light goes out“, are beautifully sung by Cynthia Hall, the feeling of warmth and harmony naturally connects with the music as crisp percussion, sweeping pads and subtle plucks add another layer of beauty on top of the already outstanding bass and kickdrum foundation. The breakdown’s communication between the instrumental and the vocals is perfectly balanced as he intuitively allows the wonderful arrangement of pads to express their elegance without any distraction. (which also carries the added benefit of fully establishing a delicate context for the auralist to achieve maximum impact on her emotional vocals). While most tracks are about loss and heartbreak, this track is all about the joys of love towards another special person, and it accurately reflects this in its soft, but brave chord progressions and its scale alignment in a major key, (which is a rarity in Trance nowadays). Finally, instead of using the influx of energy as his weapon of choice, he instead leads us by hand towards the release with an absolutely gorgeous conversation between a marvelous piano line and superb, passionate Uplifting chords. This is Pure Trance at its finest and rather than try to prove its worth, it instead decides to keep it sweet and simple; and sometimes, simplicity can equal the greatest power in music.

A.R.D.I. and Cynthia Hall‘s lovely single, Sunflowers, is out now on Molekular Sounds via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure you also check out the Re:Locate and Mode Pelar remixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q