Italian duo Lush & Simon have made some impressive tunes over the past year. From blood-pumping originals like “Hunter”, “Banshee”, and “Adrenaline” to vocally-focused tunes such as “Ahead Of Us” with Tom Swoon, “City Of Lights” with XOV, and “Drag Me To The Ground” with Rico & Miella, they deliver stunning products of both electro house and progressive house. This week they unveil their latest single “In My Hands” with Delaney Jane which poses as their latest anthem.

This new song captures emotion with it’s melodic focus and vocal addition from the incredibly gifted Toronto singer Delaney Jane. The lyrics are passionately sung over the subtle builds of this track creating the tension fans can’t get enough from Lush & Simon’s music. What happens next are uplifting and intense drops filled with beautiful synth-work. The result is five and a half minutes of majestic music from three very talented individuals.

Support them and their amazing music by grabbing their song on Beatport through Doorn Records or streaming a preview of their song below.

Beatport link: Lush & Simon – In My Hands (feat. Delaney Jane)