Want to hear something wickedly fresh and magnificently crafted? Then acquaint yourself withh Patrick Jonsson-Good; also known as Syntact. Hailing from Kelowna, Canada, Patrick has been hard at work recreating himself from his previous brand as Astrio and moving forward with his new artist name. To build on that, he returns to music with his new original production “Unity” completely free of charge to fans along with an edit that adds vocals from “The Otherside” by Jason Derulo.

The track “Unity” is something to recommend to colleagues who indulge themselves with the same musical styles of artists like Seven Lions and Singularity. It takes a highly melodic start to entice the ears while displaying the kicks to warn listeners of the impending and raw energy this song has to offer. This song sharply turns into a sandstorm of hard dubstep with light ripples of synths. To follow up the intensity of the first drop, the build repeats for the set up of a wildly different and second drop. This time, the track takes the shape of a very majestic chord progression that carries listeners to the end of their musical odyssey.

If you want to jam to this song as quickly as possible, don’t forget to stream the track below on Soundcloud and download the original mix and the Jason Derulo edit.