On November 1, the city of Providence, Rhode Island will become the first stop for the world’s first 3D dance music festival, as reported by EDM.com.  Dubbed 3DM, this concert tour aims to deliver a brand new experience to the jaded festivalgoer.  Choosing a location was key in bringing this concept to life, and the Dunkin Donuts Center was chosen as the ideal candidate for the inaugural fest.  Co-founder Patrick Sechrist explains:

The concept of 3DM developed organically through numerous conversations.  As we brainstormed about staging independent dance concerts on the East Coast, the spark of why 3D hadn’t played a role in the scene began to surface.  We began to align the venue and artists, while I was ready to employ a mass of LED panels to achieve the 3D environment.  Once the two pieces aligned, 3DM took flight.

As EDM.com points out, visual stimulation is already commonplace at EDM events across the world, so there’s no telling whether this concept will be next-level, overwhelming, or overhyped.  But if their vision speaks any truth to what attendees should expect, then there is much to be excited for.  Taken from 3DM‘s Facebook page:

The 3DM concept employs the power of multiple screens secured above and all around a concert venue, such that the intensity of a light show literally envelops the room…three-dimensional visuals from a staggering hundreds of LED light panels transform the night into a seeming live-action geometric kaleidoscope of catapulting, chatoyant, flashing full-color lights that literally permeate the audience.

Tickets to 3DM went on sale earlier today.  Check out the links below to find out more about this unique concert tour!




Source: EDM.com