If you’re looking for something to keep your head bobbing for the rest of the day, then we’ve got just the thing for you! San Francisco native, Grensta, will chase all your cares away with this smooth and seductive remix of Pablo Nouvelle‘s ‘Poison’.

Sitting somewhere between deep house and deep techno, Grensta‘s remix creates a dark and almost chilling vibe. Utilizing supremely deep bass and crisp, expressive percussion, the track has an irresistible groove. The vocals are eerily beautiful and lend a definite hand with the overall atmosphere, especially when laid over the song’s deliciously thick bassline. Seriously, make sure to give this a listen on good headphones or a big sound system; it goes von deepa in all sorts of ways.

Check out the stream below and make sure to peep Grensta‘s pages for more bass-filled goodness!


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