DANK, DANK, DANK. What can I say, this guy’s got the chops. His newly released official remix for Iggy Azalea sure can attest to that. In taking her song with Rita Ora, “Black Widow,” he created a trap production truly fit for release by Virgin/EMI/Universal, some of the biggest hitters in the entire music game. With electronic music being so big and trap getting recognition, even snagging a #1 spot thanks to Katy Perry, having DANK turn out a remix like this was perfect. His ability to create solid music every time he steps in the studio is amazing. For this one, you can dance or you can just immerse yourself in the magic. Also, prepare to have the melody and entire song stuck in your head. Head over to Beatport if you want to snag it. Share it with your friends and all that. This one’s big.

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