Born Records offered up Your EDM the chance to premiere Kicks n LicksMomentum EP and there was no way we were passing on it. The three songs that make up the EP are all different styles, however when they are put together under the one project, you have no inkling to think they should be separated. When diversity is present, it offers up a more in depth journey for the listener. Momentum will push you forward on a journey that takes you from some chill soundscapes to some drum & bass action.

K Emiline assists the duo with “Morning Light,” whose subtle sounds tranquilize ones mind into a trance. It’s as if you are in a dream; you’re awake, yet your mind is at ease thanks to the dreamy melodies and peaceful percussion. “Pulse” is track two and things get venture into a more lively place. Still relaxing, this production continues the feel good sound, but now you are fully awakened to the experience. Soft synths and a myriad of other instruments get your heart rate going for what’s to come, the title track. “Momentum” has what you would guess: unadulterated energy. I mean it is some drum & bass. It happens to be some of the happiest drum & bass I can recall hearing, too. For all you coffee drinkers out there, you should just replace that with this song for your morning routine. It’ll get you feeling good and ready for the day.

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