Chicago producer Cloud Tourist has two songs being backed by High Intensity Records coming out on the 11th. Today, we premiere them to you ahead of schedule for a full peek at what you can get your hands on soon. If you like music that isn’t your run of the mill package, then these two tracks will do you just fine. “Sweetheart Manor” comes first with some glitchy goodness. This song alone has gotten me on a midtempo bass run; I can’t get enough of the sound and this one is particularly exemplary when it comes to that. “KDH” is a a multifaceted drum & bass production with an 8bit sound that will get any 90’s kid going. With the composition changing up throughout, the song stays fresh and keeps the listener engaged all the way through. Cloud Tourist wasn’t lying when he stated he does one thing and one thing only, which is make good music. That’s just what we have with these two tunes.