TOER‘s beginning quite the run. With this Your EDM Premiere he begins a new phase in his musical journey where he plans to give fans a song every week; the first being his “Monsta” single. Sound design is something that TOER is keen to; especially in this one, whether it be from his vicious kicks or his wonky introductory synth. Both of which carry you into a bass filled dungeon where you are held at the mercy of a freakish creation. You won’t turn away, though. What you meet is something you will seek out with haste, in fact. All of the components are there, with things like the bitcrushed samples being particularly ear jarring and pleasurable. TOER‘s hybrid titan is what you need to turn up your Monday. I can almost guarantee you it will be one of the more unique sounding tracks you are going to hear today. And after you hear it, download it freely.

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