No, I’m not joking. According to a recent report by The Sun, Paris Hilton made close to $3 million for 4 nights of DJing. The exact number was $2.7 million and when you divide that by the number of hours she performed, you get the ridiculous amount of $347,000 per hour. Let that sink in for a little while. Paris Hilton, with less than 1 year of experience behind the decks, is making more than 7 average American households per year combined. Paris Hilton, in 1 hour, made enough money to buy a 5,000 square foot home, or a Lamborghini Aventador, or a trip to space with Virgin Galactic (which she should seriously consider doing and hopefully get stuck there). Below is the report by the Sun:

Paris Hilton scooped $2.7 million for four nights work as part of her new two-month DJ tour.

The heiress kicked off her run of 13 gigs with a set at Ibiza’s Amnesia club, where she has a residency, on Wednesday night, but she was blasted for earning her huge $347,000-an-hour pay packet for simply ”pressing play” as other workers reportedly did a lot of the technical work.

An Ibiza source told The Sun newspaper: ”She’s making $2.7million from the four nights – $347,000 an hour.

”The crowds do seem to enjoy it but most are too off their faces to care that she’s simply pressed play on a Beyoncé megamix.”

Paris has appeared to confirm she received the sum for four nights work after retweeting a fan’s message about her big wages.

The tweet read: ”Only Paris can do this RT @SuperiorPics Paris Hilton ‘getting paid $2.7 for just FOUR nights work as DJ in Ibiza”’

So there you have it folks, date Afrojack and you could be making just as much money in a year!

Note: About the title, here’s the math. Deadmau5 makes a reported $425,000 per show and Tiesto makes $250,000. Assuming that both of them play 2 hour shows, you add $425,000 + $250,000 which gives you $675,000 and then divide that by 2 and you get: $337,500 an hour.

Source: Uproxx