It’s August so it’s about time for supermarkets to start putting out Halloween candy right? Even if it’s not, Drama Club brings their terrifying sound and image everywhere throughout the year. “Halloween365 (Never Coming Down)” is a motto of sorts that you get to hear and see for yourself. Take some inspiration for your costume from this video, because there are plenty of ideas and things you can run with.

Their shocking electro house sound is tailored for people to have a good time, even though their haunting sound, expressed mostly by the spooky melody, is something that may scare some. Near the end they move away from their festival sound to a more immersive style, which occurs when these two rock out on their instruments. If you want to see these two live, you’ll get the chance.

Throughout the rest of the year, Drama Club will be taking part in The Black Mass tour. Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse and Set It Off will also be accompanying the duo on their musical adventure. If you would like to purchase tickets, then you may do so below, just before you check out the video!

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