We recently featured production pair 1DAFUL’s wicked remix of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” and they are now about to release their debut single on Australian dance label VELCRO. The duo, made up of producer David A and MC TB1, drop “This Is Life” today – a catchy, progressive piece of electro that gathers multiple textures along the way, including stirring vocals. We had the chance to catch up with 1DAFUL to grill them on their new music and future plans.

Let’s start with this – how did you guys meet each other and how long have you known each other?

We’ve known each other for 4 years, and we met through a mutual friend. The first time we met, I (TB1) knew we would work together. Dave was more hesitant, but we quickly built a great friendship and strong working relationship with common interests and goals.

I think we can come to our own conclusions, but tell us more behind the name ‘1DAFUL’.

Well, 1DAFUL stems from us shoving our names together in an clever manner 😉 TB”1″ and “D”avid “A” is 1DA. Then the “FUL” just followed sooo gracefully, to create (won•da•ful). It also really tells the tale about how we feel in what we do. We love our 1DAFUL career, the 1DAFUL people around us, and we love to make 1DAFUL parties happen. It’s all encompassing.

David – a while back, Skrillex shared your remix of his “rapping session” entitled “Skrillehammer” on his Facebook page. This boosted the awarness of your music a ton, and helped you to gain quite a few followers that week. Can you tell us a bit more about how that experience felt? Have you spoken much with Skrilly since?

It felt amazing. It was after 2 weeks of the track being released. I was feeling a bit down about the song because a couple of days prior, I heard feedback about it not being so good. Then, the person who I’ve always looked up to the most in terms of production quality, sound and innovation shouted me out. It was the ultimate gratification. We quickly celebrated by popping open a bottle of champagne and working. That’s our work ethic. We love what we do so much that we celebrate by working. And no, we actually never spoke, it was just a quick little helping hand from a complete stranger. I look forward to meeting him and chatting with him about how he found out about “Skrillehammer”, it’s always been a mystery to us.

Adam – do you have any classical training in singing/vocalising or are you just a natural-born superstar?

Haha, first of all, thank you. Second, no, I have no classical training whatsoever. I have a huge background in entertaining live crowds stemming from MCing Bar-Mitzvahs and a great grasp on what crowds like to hear (because I myself am a fan of music). I also have been locked up with one of the most talented people I’ve ever met (David A) and he has helped me with many aspects. We both learn so much from each other and get better everyday.

As a duo, how do the studio sessions typically go?

You can think of us as two chefs. We both have our fortes and they compliment each other. Generally TB1 chooses what meat we will cook. He’s the king of knowing what concepts and shtick will work. He then brings me (David A) the meat, and I start adding all the spices by finding all the right drums and synths, and I really take care of the meat. I make love to the meat (haha), and I put it in the oven by mixing the track. I know how long to cook it for, then we take it out. TB1 tastes it with his ears, usually with a car test (which is often our teaser videos) and he tells me what I should add or remove. Then TB1 plates it, and we serve it to all of you to hear, hopefully it’s as delicious sounding as we like to think it is!

Anything you hope to achieve by the end of the year?

We really want to be touring. We are so happy that people are reacting so well to us and our music. Now, we want to be able to party with them!

Lastly, tell us what we can expect from your upcoming single entitled “This Is Life”, coming out on August 14th.

“This Is Life” is our debut single as 1DAFUL, and it’s the perfect fit. In terms of sound, it is a hard-hitting, dance floor, EDM banger that has a few different drops. You will love each one and they will all make you feel something different. The concept is to just let go of everything if you feel our vibe, and then we say that “this party ain’t a game baby, this is life”. That basically means, don’t worry everyone, let us take the wheel of this party and we promise we’ll get you to your destination. The trip there is also gonna be the most fun you’ve ever had!

Pick up a copy of ‘This Is Life’ here.