You know that feeling of boredom when you’ve been scrolling for hours through music blogs looking for revitalizing music, trying to find something that don’t sound like everything else that’s being released? I’m not just referring to the overly generic progressive and big room house tracks or the default 808 kicks and hi-hats you hear in trap. I’m talking about something that you have never experienced before; something that stands out like Ellie Goulding’s voice when we all heard ‘Lights’ for the first time.

May I present to you all SMLE, a project that is switching things up in the EDM community with a sound that combines the best elements of EDM with live instrumentals. We recently introduced them with their remix of ‘Owl City,’ but in case you didn’t have to pleasure of checking that out yet, you are in luck. Originally performed by Nina Simone and then recreated by Michael Bublé, SMLE decided to take a stab at their own cover of ‘Feeling Good.’ The result is a production that speaks directly to the soul with its mellow vibes, jazzy synths and live guitar; a musical remedy to any bad day.