As the lead Trance writer of Your EDM, it’s quite a rarity when a track of this caliber comes to my desk and when it does, its stunning, revolutionary work can only be created from the calloused hands of a true master of their craft. And fortunately, we are in exceptionally good hands with the mighty capabilities of the legendary Giuseppe Ottaviani. As one of the world’s leading Trance technicians, he has cultivated his own, unique style into a massive movement for scores of fans to look up to and many veteran Trance artists would be lying if they said that their own productions contain some influences from this great man. As one of the last leading survivors who’s intimately connected with the philosophy of hardware over software, his productions contain a smooth, technical edge that is rarely matched with today’s producers and his incredible sound designs are among the top within the entire world. Recently, he has been hard at work with his two albums entitled Magenta and Magenta Live, and these two masterstrokes have culminated in beautiful, lasting works of art including Feel The Music, Passion, Heal This Empty Heart with Alana Aldea and Brilliant People with Aly & Fila. Additionally, as the mastermind behind classic cuts such as Earthbeat, Lovers with Solarstone and remixes to Paul van Dyk‘s Lost Berlin and John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney‘s Exactly, his legacy expands beyond the usual artist into one that will last for the ages.

Now, Giuseppe is set on releasing an illuminating new remix to Winkee‘s new single entitled Awakening, and it puts quite an unusual twist on his usual sound, further solidifying his stance as an innovator and as an artist who defiantly stands tall against the towering waves of conventionality and commercialism. The Winkee duo are not new to Solarstone‘s Pure Trance label, as their last single of Helsinki wowed audiences with its angelic, hope-filled melodies and heavily engaging harmonic structures. However, what is new is the remix that Giuseppe Ottaviani has put forth, as its slick, paired down melodic views challenge the very fabric that binds production together within the norms of Trance. This remix is heavily submerged in the realms of Minimalism, as the opening consists of fantastic rolling basslines and simplistic basskicks that seems to inject itself straight to the mind. Faint notes of the mysterious JOOF sound slips its way into the remix, as various box crashes and stunning stereo FX pads fill up the space with an unbelievable atmosphere that heavily prepares the arrangement for the incoming minimal drops. The first one only adds hi-hats for a devastating effect with the basslines and the second focuses on lovely, soulful Trance chords that smoothly transitions into the breakdown. The breakdown flows with a kind of faded, rosy brilliance that many older Trance tracks of old had, and its luminous glow translates into a more engaging and expressive experience than most tracks can boast about in this day and age. Finally, its collection of haunting pads, luscious harmonic sounds and crunchy, yet liquefied basslines conform into a truly unique, one of a kind experience within Trance music as a whole.

Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s remix to Winkee‘s Awakening is out now on Pure Trance via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure you check out the stellar Original Mix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q