Play Me Records is a staple for bass music. They’ve always been that way, ever since I can remember. They also publish I wide variety of genres, including drum & bass and anything cutting edge, which is just what we have with the Perfect Lie EP from Nostalgia. Two tracks is all you get, but if you need more Nostalgia, I suggest going through his discography on Soundcloud.

“Perfect Lie” features Frank Moran for a vocal DnB hit. Expect lots of low frequencies pummeling your face for the majority of the track. Get your dancing shoes on, because this one will get you moving. “New Challenger” will do that too, but you’ll be dancing a bit differently to this wonky tune. Seriously, this bassline is one of the craziest, dopest sounds I have heard. It’s magical. I haven’t heard much like this tune, but someone please tell me there is more coming, especially from Nostalgia, because he straight kicks ass. Support him by heading over to Beatport to nab his EP.

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