There have been a few times before where I’ve had the opportunity to have premieres that also happened to be the launch of a new project. Today, we add another to that list with Parade No. 5. Their first single, “Outbreak,” is a clean trap production showing the duo’s tenacity for hip-hop and EDM. With the two sounds colliding more and more, Parade No. 5 comes at a time to make a real impact and push music along even further and faster than imagined. Much like the film Outbreak and Que the rapper inspired them for this song, I see them inspiring other producers once they get the ball really rolling.

Starting off with “Outbreak” will set these guys in the right direction. It shares a sound that fans are attracted to, but the chiller style makes this more adept to be played and enjoyed anywhere and anytime. With some catchy vocal samples thrown into the mix, fans are even more likely to be keen to this. Although, I’d like to think they mainly dig it because the song is super solid and the production quality is excellent. With this just being the beginning, you can expect much, much more to come from Parade No. 5 as they attempt to take over the world with their genre-bending attitude.

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