Splitbreed are the embodiment of their name. A trio of members, the native Hawaiian brothers Kalani and Taui Moe and the east coast based Kyle Cunningham, they have been steadily on the rise for the past year now. They’ve collaborated with the likes of Pegboard Nerds, Excision, Barely Alive, Tut Tut Child, Astronaut, Varien, Dodge & Fuski, and many more and now they have finally released their own album on their own label, Skyfall. The 8-track project, Mile High Club, is the first half of a de facto ‘coming out party’ for Splitbreed into the limelight of new age electronic music. The trio takes a wide range of juxtapositions between rap, hip hop, and varying dance music sub-genres.

The album is a whirlwind of genres and presents itself as a full album, a situation where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” While the album contains EDM elements, don’t be so quick to assume that it is anything like an ‘EDM album.’ Tracks like ‘WDGAF*CK’ and ‘Freakshow’ are about as EDM as you’re going to get, thanks to collaborators Varien and Muzzy.

On the other hand, tracks like ‘Call Of The Youth’ and ‘Afterlife’ are very much songs in terms of their structure and sound design. As far as debut albums go, this is a great start. The trio have made their connections over the past years and have learned a lot from their time in the studio, as well as behind the mike.