Trap has gone in so many different directions since it bum rushed the EDM scene harder than ISIS took Iraq earlier this year. With the genre spreading off into sub-sects, we are happy to bring you come good old ‘classic’ 808 & saw wave trap that takes it all the way back to 2012. This unofficial “No Flex Zone” remix is coming from a new comer on the block named Judah and he keeps it true to the original with that deep south flavor that invokes images of summertime bar-b-ques and late night freaknik parties.

Judah keeps the remix seemingly minimal with a steady piano driven melody although the real magic is happening below the synths, where the drums are rolling and kicking like the pistons of mid century American muscle. We’re going to keep our finger to the pulse of Judah so stay tuned to Your EDM as this smooth cat matures into a lion.