“Miami, I’m going to play this special song. It’s one of my new songs, but I did it together with in my opinion, the world’s biggest upcoming DJ right here. Please, Ultra can I get a warm welcome for the one and only DYRO?!” I’m not sure which of you recall this moment in time, but I can remember watching the Ultra Miami 2013 livestream and during Hardwell’s astronomical 1-hr set getting the chills when he called to the stage Jordy van Egmund, aka Dyro. Dyro appeared as Hardwell transitioned into their debut collaboration: “Never Say Goodbye” featuring vocalist, Heather Bright. For me, this was my first introduction to the now 22-year-old phenom, and have been following his success ever since. Since Ultra 2013, Dyro has been touring the world daily and performing on the mainstage at just about every major dance music festival. Aside from all of his recent success, Jordy has a story; an inspiring story, and it is my job to share it with all of you.

Ever since he was young, Jordy had aspirations to become a musician. He didn’t necessarily aspire to be a DJ or producer, but growing up in The Netherlands where dance music is prominent, it makes sense that this was eventually the chosen path. He also grew up in a generation that craves entertainment and has a very small attention span, meaning musicians (especially up-and-comers) often find themselves releasing a lot of singles in order to quickly extend their name to the masses. That being said, at this day and age it’s very challenging for an artist and even fans to have patience because with technology, everything can happen almost instantly. However, unlike a lot of young musicians, Jordy would never release a song unless he was 100% happy with the finished product. Yes, this means that there were extended periods of time where he had no new music released to the public. As we’ve seen with other artists, this approach to releasing music can often seem longer and can make it hard for an artist to see success in the short-term. However, in the long-term this method has proven worthwhile for Dyro.

In addition to releasing quality music, Jordy believes it is important as an artist to stay true to yourself. When he releases music for himself and because he loves it, then he personally has no regrets. If you believe in your music and you can convey passion and sincerity with each release, then people will catch on and enjoy your music. Maybe not everyone, but you can’t worry about pleasing everyone because it’s not feasible. So instead of trying to stay relevant or follow trends in whatever it is that you do, how about you do something to please only yourself?

Even when you are trying to create something for yourself and not others, it can be very difficult to find inspiration or for your inspiration to come to fruition. This has been one of the biggest challenges for Jordy’s music career and usually occurs after taking a break from the studio due to touring or spending time with his family and friends. Jordy values this time spent with loved ones because as for most touring musicians, these reunions are rare. Therefore, it takes him awhile to get back into the swing of things. However, when he does get back to the grind, he is usually happy with the result.

While in the studio, most of Jordy’s inspiration is derived from life itself. From all walks of life. For instance, whenever he hears a story from a fan – whether tragic or uplifting, he remembers it and uses it as inspiration when he’s coming up with an idea for a song. He utilizes his own experiences throughout life in each of his productions as well. Even though he has a very distinct sound, his productions are very diverse as each one has different influences. As a musician, it is important for Jordy to be observant of his surroundings because he never knows when something may spark inspiration.

In addition to being a musician, Jordy holds a passion for design (in the broadest sense of the word). Fortunately, he has been able to use this passion throughout his music career. Whether it is his wardrobe, logos, or even tour flyers, Jordy plays a major role in designing his image and brand. He wants to remain involved in how his brand is established and communicated to the public. You can see this through his music and branding, but Jordy likes to be creative.

Even though he wants to become one of the most monumental dance music producers, the fame and fortune that comes with this means very little to Jordy. Instead, he wants to show people what he can do and prove to both himself and others that he is more than just a “DJ”, and is in fact, an inspiring musician. While some musicians may get lost in the limelight, he will always remember why he started this journey in the first place…because he loves music. Music has always been his inspiration and he can only hope that his music also leaves a positive impact on others. In the end, he aspires to leave a legacy and strives to have people speak of his name in a positive light. So, now you decide…how will you remember Jordy van Egmund – this 22-year-old, better known as Dyro?

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