New on the scene, Teminite has quickly made a name for himself. With a veritable smorgasbord of tracks ranging the gamut of genres, he has managed to keep everyone’s attention securely on himself with each and every release. He has remixed Pegboard Nerds and was featured on the latest Disciple Recording compilation album.

This newest EP, Elevate, has some incredibly satisfying glitch and dubstep elements. It feels like it’s a 2012 sound with a 2014 production quality. The title and opening track, ‘Elevate’, has some sick vocoder work and the quickly arpeggiated notes in the build up help to drive that sense of impending awesomeness. The drop sounds extremely high quality, something any veteran dubstep producer would be proud to put out.

‘Hot Fizz’ takes a break from the wubs to bring us some seriously excellent glitch hop. It’s no surprise that having been featured on Disciple Records, Teminite would be able to bust out some gut-wrenching groovy glitch. In fact, listening to it again it definitely has an even jazzy quality to it. Especially when you factor in the piano at the end — Haywyre would approve. Last but not least is ‘Don’t Stop’, bringing us back to that filth, with some choice growls and excellent synth work.

Overall, the EP surprised me with its quality and variety of sounds. Teminite is another name to look out for in the still-fast-rising scene of dubstep. And I say that because I know that dubstep has never been “dead.” If anything, we’re only really starting to see what it can really do.

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