Trance and trap fans everywhere, get excited!  Today, LA-based duo Slander have once again united these two worlds.  Under the genre moniker ‘heaven trap,’ these two have quickly made a name for themselves by taking their favorite parts of these wildly different genres and bringing them together. This has led to emotional trap music that breaks into unfamiliar territory in the best way.

Their latest creation is a remix of Arty’s recent hit “Up All Night” featuring Angel Taylor. The track opens softly, slowly fading into the familiar melody and vocals over subtle high hats.  The song’s energy quickly escalates, building into a chopped, trappy drop.  The result is a melodic, trancey experience that still makes you want to throw those bows on the dance floor.

You can stream the track below, but it will be officially released on September 9 on Insomniac Records.  Enjoy!