“I Can’t Take It.” I have been waiting forever for Dillon Francis‘ new album, but I still must wait until October 28th. Luckily, he’s released his collaboration “When We Were Young” and now he has his own original, whose name is the same as the expression that started off this very write up. And it’s moombahton. THANK THE LORD!

Or thank Dillon, because he is one of the lords of the genre and he’s back with a blast. His electro-style sound is going to get fans into the groove of hearing midtempo tracks dropped more and more. Even though this isn’t one of my favorite tracks of his, I’m glad to see he still has it and he is continuing to push the sound that helped set up his identity. Even though we all know Dillon Francis can’t hold himself to one identity. Check out the single below and get ready for all the other tracks that will accompany it on Money Sucks, Friends Rule.

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