A few weeks ago, when Soundcloud-related drama was at its highest, I saw a discussion on Facebook about the topic. The original poster was complaining about his mixes getting taken down off of his Soundcloud page due to copyright infringement. Because he didn’t have much of a following on Soundcloud, I argued that he simply post his mixes on Mixcloud and build his following there, since that’s precisely what Mixcloud was designed for, unlike Soundcloud, which was designed for posting original material. He hastily replied in a disagreeing manner, claiming that Mixcloud wouldn’t cut it because “it never took off.” Well, I believe my argument just got a little bit stronger.

Recently, Mixcloud started offering two paid tiers of service: “Premium” and “Pro.” The Premium tier is designed for the listener. It removes all ads from the website and offers a clean, ad-free service. The Premium tier costs $6.99/month or $69.99/year. The Pro tier, however, is designed for the uploader. Priced identical to the Soundcloud Unlimited tier at $15/month or $135/year, Mixcloud Pro offers an array of analytical tools giving the uploader some insight into where and how people listen to their content as well as an unrestricted amount of uploads.

In addition to the two tiers mentioned above, Mixcloud also added a repost feature similar to that of Soundcloud, which allows listeners to click a button and have the sound they’re listening to be reposted on their own personal page. “We’re excited to launch this feature; it’s had a lot of demand from our community, particularly the content creators on the platform,” CTO Mat Clayton said in a statement. “It will open up a number of new ways to share and discover content on Mixcloud.” Mixcloud is looking stronger than ever.