On this week’s Sunrise Sessions, we take a look at a fantastic little piece that expertly merges together core elements of Progressive and Progressive Trance towards a warm, satisfying finish to tantalize the palette with sparkling delight. While not as active as many of his contemporaries within the Progressive circuit, the Ukrainian wonder that is meHiLove always deserves a special place within the world of Progressive for his captivating melodies, tasty harmonies and unique sense of chordal progressions that drifts the mind to a peaceful, yet active slumber. As someone who has had an active musical background with Classical piano, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his rock solid foundational skills have smoothly transferred over towards his incredible talents behind the production desk and his ability to construct unique dimensions of space and time within the world of sounds is both revolutionary and traditional, further blurring the lines between artistic structures and functionalities. Throughout his tenure, he has been supported by artists such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Paul Oakenfold and his recent dual EP singles of Road To The Sea and Soul Of The Sea have received airtime by industry giants such as Solarstone, Jorn van Deynhoven and Roger Shah. Now with the success of his recent singles EP still fresh on the mind, he continues his good fortune with a brand new single entitled Good Mood, in which Prog and Prog Trance courteously mingle together towards a genre bending concoction that relentlessly tests the boundaries of conventional musical craftsmanship.

Immediately, meHiLove sets the scene with a wonderful splash of cool, refreshing water as the sudden elements of harmonic melodies cozily nestle themselves into all the right places for a smooth, connective arrangement. A warm, inviting bassline leads the charge as enticing, expansive pads and blippy Progressive ostinatos chiefly add depth and clarity to the phrase, and as the main lead line eventually strolls in, the arrangement seems to grow and expand on a natural course as if the paintbrush is guided by pure creativity and cunning intuition. The beautiful breakdown features a fantastic piano line that quickly establishes dominance over the entire phrase as subtle, whispering pads leave an ethereal glow that surrounds the piano in a glimmering, rosy light. Once again, meHiLove‘s expertly attuned arrangement skills are clearly brought into play, as the slow buildup of timbres sound fluid and organic in nature and really engages the listener to set themselves in autopilot and let the uncontrollable, yet comfortable emotions to naturally drift over the body. Finally, the incoming drop combines great Progressive, (with the pure, heartfelt main line), with Prog Trance, (with the heavy, compressive chordal stabs) and neatly ties it all together with the welcome return of the breakdown’s gorgeous piano line. Its mixture of styles makes it both relaxing and playfully engaging, so whether you want to dance like crazy or just sit back and relax with a drink, its wondrous, melodic interludes will suspend your mind into a getaway that lingers long after the music has stopped.

meHiLove‘s stellar new single, Good Mood, will be out tomorrow on BPM Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure to also check out the fantastic B-Side too entitled Promenade!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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