When Varien teams up with someone, you be there. When 7 Minutes Dead teams up with someone you be there. When they partner up together, you better freaking be there, because what you will find is sure to be magical. Although their Mirai Sekai EP isn’t here yet – it will be on September 1st – we have a teaser that will ease you into the coming project. It shall contain four parts or songs, along with a continuous mix of the entire EP. Their plan was to build an in depth experience, something neoteric and different for listeners to latch on to and immerse themselves in. I have 100% faith in these guys’ abilities to pull that off. With a backing by Monstercat, you can be sure the Mirai Sekai EP will pop off.

I would say go buy the merchandise bundle that goes with this release, however they are sold out. To hinder your woes, check out the video, as well as past music from both Varien and 7 Minutes Dead. I suggest reading the interview I had with 7 Minutes Dead and Haywyre; literally the most fun I have had conducting an interview.