Childish Gambino? Genius. Love trap? Dope. SKULS? Epic. If you don’t know one of those, I suggest you get to knowing them. What you are probably most unfamiliar with is SKULS, an act that just recently came into being. This is the first remix that has been posted by SKULS, but be sure that it won’t be the last. Whether it’s an original or not, the content is all top shelf. I don’t think there’s any questions regarding whether or not this rip is worthy of being an official remix. The only thing that can be contested is just how good it is. Due to the act being so new, I know this is going to get slept on a bit, which makes me a sadboy. Then again, I listen to it and it cheers me up instantly, yet I still cry (tears of joy). Share this one around, so I can skip the whole sadboy part of that process. And download the track for free!

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