Today’s Monstercat release is a very special one for me… because it’s Drum & Bass!! But in all seriousness, Rameses B has come back to Monstercat with a vengeance on this one. ‘Dream Catcher’ is not just a track, but actually an EP that is out today, as well.

The first and title track features the high-pitched and powerful vocals of Charlotte Haining, whose voice lends itself perfectly to the liquid sensibilities of Rameses B — but it’s not so much liquid this time around, as much as happy DnB, via Fox Stevenson. There’s a lot more energy in the kicks and synths than in a normal liquid track, and the bassline has a lot more groove than flow. The second track is called ‘Broken Trust’ and features a side of Rameses B that we’re much more accustomed to. The smooth and calm rhythm demonstrates his exceptional spacing and sound design.

Be sure to grab the EP from Bandcamp and check out the EP below!