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The famous duo for the overplayed track on the radio airwaves, “Selfie,” returns to the spotlight with another of their productions. Featuring sirenXX, this video clip is supposed to have a message (although I can not really see it personally).

The track is named “Kanye,” and it does not take the negative aspects of the famous rapper. On the other hand, it tries to encourage people to do whatever makes them happy. The Chainsmokers describe the track like this:

“Kanye is a special video for us in that it represents the ideal that every person should live their life the way they want to,” they say. “Like Yeezy, do what you believe and makes you happy and be confident regardless of what anyone else thinks.” -Chainsmokers

I don’t bash mainstream music culture, but why would they tell everyone to follow their dreams by “being Kanye?” He might be a great artist, but everyone’s dreams are different. The production is nothing original we have not heard before, but I bet it still will be on the top charts. If you are looking for motivation, I would suggest you listen to ATB. However, check the video to see if you like it for yourselves:


Via: Yahoo Music