By now, you’ve surely seen the massive influx of #hashtags and @mentions whenever a huge music festival takes place, whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Turns out, all this chatter can be studied as a metric for how popular each festival is. Online ticketing service Eventbrite has recently released a comprehensive social media study focusing on various social aspects of festivals and how they relate to the amount of “buzz” generated for each. While the study includes festivals centered around music of all styles, it’s interesting to note that 8 of the top 25 festivals are electronic-oriented (not including festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza, which also have electronic acts). The study also shows the breakdown of the buzz by content, location, timing (before, during, or after the event), and lots of other criteria. Check out the full report here.

Most Talked About Festivals.

Conversation Breakdown