It’s no denying that even with all the big room bangers and hard hitting bass, some people are finding it hard to get in the raging mood. Thankfully, Quintino has got you covered. His new single “Go Hard” is sure to get your blood pumping, and your body moving. Even if you’re lacking that L in your PLUR, “Go Hard” will get that problem solved. Even if raves have lost their buzz for you and you feel tempted to attend that local polka show; “Go Hard” will bring your bounce back. “Go Hard” is not recommended for pregnant women, small children under the age of 12 or endangered silverback gorillas. Side effects may include, tendency to fist pump, an obsession with kandi and a desire to rage.

As much as this article is satire, Quintino has made a clever spoof of one certain male enhancement pill that you can watch below. Also, make sure to pick up “Go Hard” on Beatport, if it tickles your fancy.

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Image Source: YouTube