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The critics have spoken. Porter Robinson‘s Worlds has been called “post-EDM,” “melodramatic,” and even “an impressionistic approach to mass-appeal fare,” but that comes from a select few of cooped up keyboard crunchers that are willing to call anything electronic as long as the lead sound is doused in post production reverb. Regardless of their one-time listen criticism, the only opinions that matter are yours, the beautiful reader, and that of Porter himself.¬†

I remember writing “Divinity” and it was one of the first songs I wrote off the album to me…this feels very me and…I felt like I stumbled upon the sound of Worlds.

What better way to hear Porter’s own thoughts on the new album than a track-by-track commentary sponsored by Spotify? Listen to his thoughts below and¬†leave us a note in the comments so we know which track off of Words is your favorite and why.