Out today on Mutants Records is the new single from Jimi Frew, ‘Yalla.’ Frew is an Australian producer who has previously racked up releases on the likes of Revealed and Big Fish, and is well on the way to making his mark on the dance music scene. Crafting texured pieces that have individuality stamped all over them, he is surely one to keep an eye on. We spoke to Jimi to hear more from the man behind the music.

Thanks for joining us Jimi, how has your day been going?

Thanks for having me, so far my day has been great!  I spent an hour in the sun to try and shake the studio tan and make the most of this California summer!  Now it’s back to work starting with your interview.

Our ears recently pricked up at your new single on Mutants, ‘Yalla.’ Stellar work! How long were you writing the track and is there a story behind it?

Thanks so much,  glad to hear you’re feeling it.  ‘Yalla‘ was created around Christmas 2013 when I was living in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia.  The initial creative ideas came together quickly – it’s mostly sample-based and revolves around the Middle Eastern vibe of the breakdown.  I envisioned a busy market place for whatever reason, so added some audio to reflect and amplify that.  The baseline on the drop is 3 stacked sampled leads with some pitch bend to help bring it to life.  808 kicks and tabla drums seemed to fit well in amongst some of the more standard EDM drums, synths & Fx which help to tie it together and make it playable for DJ’s in their sets.

What is it you like about Mutants Records, where the track is being released on?

I love the fact that Mutants are doing edgier releases without sacrificing quality.  In amongst a sea of very similar sounding tunes right now I feel like Mutants has an individual sound that stands out.  John Dahlback’s sound & style also reflects this, so it’s nice to have his thumbs up and a release on his label.

Have you had a chance to take the track on road yet? If so, how have you found the response?

Yah! I first played ‘Yalla’ testing a version in Miami this year at Tommy Trash’s Nikki Beach Party.  I played back to back with Bass Kleph and it went down really well. Great party! Super packed with a great atmosphere.

What are your top three tracks to play out live at the moment?

‘Vortex’ – Jordy Dazz & Jimi Frew

‘Shaolin’ – Mighty Fools

‘Dun Do It’ – Charlie Darker

Whilst producing music, is theRE one piece of studio equipment you couldn’t live without?

Well it’s definItely got to be my laptop.  In fact regardless of producing, my life would be pretty much halted if i didn’t have this thing by my side!  It’s all about that digital living.

Pick up a copy of ‘Yalla’ here.