Dillon francis is one of those people in EDM, where regardless of if you like his music, you have to appreciate him as a person and what he does.

It’s shocking to hear, while at a show in New Orleans, he was assaulted by one attendee who threw a can of RC Cola at his head. This resulted in Dillon needing stitches on his forehead and the night being ruined, due to the cut short set.

However you may feel about an artist or their music, there is never justification to go to someone’s show and assault them like this. If you don’t like the artist, don’t go, and if for some reason you do, please don’t ruin the night for everyone else who wants to be there.

And of course Deadmau5 jumped in to give Dillon some advice on how to avoid this situation in the future:

Update: Someone caught video of the event