Well he’s quite the man of the hour. I’ve been a fan for about a year now, and whenever he releases anything, I’m usually all over it. I’m speaking of course about Au5 (pronounced “Aye You Five,” by the way), aka Austin Collins. Following the release of his tune “Follow You,” which features the very talented Danyka Nadeau, he’s been pumping out one gem-of-a-release after the other, including the massively successful “Follow You” remixes EP (check out my full review here). Now, he’s releasing yet another masterpiece  “Snowblind,” or as he calls it, “[his] most anticipated release yet.”

“Snowblind” featuring Tasha Baxter is out now on Monstercat! Months of passion and hard work have finally paid off. It was a huge pleasure working with such an incredible talent as Tasha, without her it would fall short of a masterpiece. Enjoy 🙂

Au5 sure does love his piano, so “Snowblind” starts out with a euphoric piano melody, the first couple-or-so notes of which are reminiscent of his breathtaking tune “Blossom.” As Tasha Baxter’s awe-inspiring vocals come in, Au5 adds some strings with a subtle low-end and an extra layer of piano, giving the intro some richness and depth. The atmosphere gradually intensifies as the tune slips into its first drop; extremely energetic, euphoric trance madness ensues. Following the trance drop, Au5 turns the tune into one hell of a trance-dubstep hybrid as the growls and dubstep-type drums come in. Au5 sustains the energetic atmosphere throughout the tune and really delivers quite the masterpiece.

From the vocals, to the amazing production, Austin and Tasha really delivered on this one, and I can see it becoming one of my all time favorite Au5 tunes. Check it out below.

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