As part of the bubbling underground scene that is Progressive Tech, (or Progressive House if you want to be technical), Max Meyer has been a welcome favorite on esteemed labels such as Max Freegrant‘s Big Toys Production and Monster Tunes‘ Trance offshoot, Monster Pure. Throughout the year, he has been putting in some serious hours in the studio with a great collaboration with Sound Quelle on Mallet & Volga and another class collaboration with Max Eden with Supernova on the recently unearth Trance sublabel of the legendary Flashover Recordings. Now, he teams up with long time Trance favorite Sensitive5 to bring forth the Progressive tinged single entitled Bilbao Sunrise, which was first featured on Nueva Recordings‘ sixth edition of their ‘Volume 3’ grab bag compilation series. Sensitive5 has been lurking under the radar for some time now, but has always delivered exceptional quality with each of his complex projects. During 2014, he has been featured on labels such as Saturate Audio with his single of The Sands Of Time and has recently remixed a dark, brooding interpretation of Coldharbour‘s own Tucandeo with Let Me In. While we do enjoy the Original much so, (almost enough to be featured for our weekly Sunrise Sessions series), we were completely dumbfounded when we saw the bloody carnage that Steve Haines put forth with his brutal reconstruction of the Original and the aftermath has completely torn us to shreds.

Steve Haines has been on a rampage with his blistering production career, and his unique, technical based sound has been an inspiration towards many high end artists. Coming off an intense runners high with a fantastic remix to Paul Oakenfold‘s remake of Tiesto‘s Adagio For Strings on Perfecto and a fatally massive Techno remix to Paul Thomas and Myke Smith‘s This Is Acid, he has fully transformed into a ferocious being that is hellbent on causing as much destruction and carnage that he possibly can muster. In his remix to Bilbao Sunrise, Haines ditches the soft, caressing vibes of Balearic sunrises for rude, blaring Tech basslines that shatter through the soundscape and injects much needed power and girth towards the placid soundscape. With the addition of minimal percussions that quickly transform into tasty Techno cuts and subtle, but powerful sounds that intuitively strike at just the right moments, he has managed to keep a tidy and minimally aesthetic arrangement throughout the track while squeezing as much power and energy possible with the tools that are provided; a a feat that only a seasoned veteran can truly accomplish. The breakdown brings back the familiar melody of the Original but adds in suspense laden strings, interesting female vocal cuts and sneaky acid lines to rigorously shake up the orchestration. Finally,he brings back the destructive Tech lines once more with the addition of fully realized acid lines for an exhilarating, high octane ride that will leave you dazed and confused for hours upon listening.

Steve Haines‘ remix to Sensitive5 & Max Meyer‘s Bilbao Sunrise is now available on Nueva Digital via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q