We are four short weeks away from a majestic weekend under the southern stars of TomorrowWorld. Before tens of thousands from all over the world flock to the Empire State of the South, we have prepared a list of some amazing camping gadgets that can vastly improve your experience in DreamVille. We tried to balance the budget on these items, so hopefully they won’t break the bank. We know many of you will be pushing your bank account to the limit just to attend. You can check out the list below and follow their respective links to make your purchase.

If you haven’t yet, you can purchase your tickets to TomorrowWorld here.

1. BioLite Campstove – $129


The BioLite Campstove is a fossil-fueless stove system that uses kindling to produce heat. While the stove is heating, an attached thermoelectric generator converts the heat to useable energy to charge your portable devices via USB. The base stove goes for $129 and attachments for a grill and kettle pot are sold separately. [Purchase]

***Notice: grilling must be done in the designated BBQ areas at TomorrowWorld*** 

2. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower – $31.49


This one is essential. There is no better feeling than starting your day with a shower after sweating your booty off the night before. These convenient 10 gallon sacks can let out a stream of water for 8 continuous minutes and also be used as a dry sack for carrying clothes or a sleeping bag. Insider tip: after filling the sack with water, leave it on the hood of your car for 20 minutes for a nice hot shower. [Purchase]

3. Coleman Lighted Tent Fan – $22.99

0007650192334_500X500Just a slight breeze in your tent can make a world of difference. Lets face it. At night, you and your camping buddies won’t be smelling great when you stumble back to the site at 4am and getting the air moving can reduce the stuffiness in your tent. This gadget has a duel feature with an LED light that will be clutch for waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find things in your suitcase. The fan can run continuously for 24 hours on high and 48 hours on low. [Purchase]

4. MPOWERED Luci Solar Lantern – $19.99/each


These little lanterns are solar powered and can light up a 15 square feet area. If you have to have the trippiest campsite in DreamVille, they also come in a variety of colors. [Purchase]

5. Brunton’s Restore Solar Power Pack – $79.99


Although TomorrowWorld does provide charger stations, it is often more convenient to charge straight from your campsite. The Power Pack features a durable rubber shell that is water resistant for those southern-bred summer showers and weighs in at a wee 6.6oz [Purchase]

6. Streamlight ProTAC High Lumen Professional Tactical Light – $66.99


A good sturdy flashlight is worth spending a few extra bucks on. This waterproof light will be your guardian angel when trying to navigate back to your campsite in the late hours of the night. This particular light is known for it’s brightness and features an anti-roll design so no more, “The flashlight rolled off the table, can you find it?” “No. I can’t see it. A flashlight would really help!” [Purchase]

7. Terminix AllClear TTD1000 Tabletop Mosquito Repeller – $19.17


When you are itching for the bass drop, lets make sure that feeling is genuine and not the bites of a campsite’s worst enemy, the mosquito. Yes TomorrowWorld is out on a country farm and yes there are bugs of all kinds crawling around. Keep your campsite mosquito free with this handy repeller. [Purchase]

8. Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet Paper – $9.99/roll


Ten bucks might be a little steep for toilet paper but we wouldn’t put a price on being able to find it in the middle of the night. This is sold as a novelty, but little do the makers of this item know, this is festival camping gold. [Purchase]

9. ACCO/Wilson Jones 4-Column Columnar Book – $11.89

22313p_01Not all of you are going to be able to spring for the solar powered chargers mentioned above, so a simple ledger can be one of your greatest companions at a festival. Use it to get all of your new TomorrowWorld Friends’ email addresses. Use it to write down track lists of your favorite set. Use it to document your experience in real time. Who knows if you’ll be able to remember every magical moment of TomorrowWorld, so a handy ledger is a great way to make those memories permanent. [Purchase]

10. Reusable Nonslip Waterproof Overshoes – $8.40


It’s amazing how many people forget to bring rain boots to a festival, so overshoes are a nice alternative. Carry these in your backpack and when the rain starts coming down, you’ll look like the smartest kid on the dance floor. [Purchase]