At the young age of 18, Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix has performed at festivals across the globe, taking his big room and anthemic sound to main stages at Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Festival to name a few. With this rise to success, Martin has garnered his share of both haters and fans of the big room, hard-kicking bass lines he’s become known for. It’s with that in mind that Martin went into his debut Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. In the timespan of 2 hours, the young artist covered many sub-genres of house, starting deep with Kaytranada’s edit of Flume’s Holdin On (must-hear track) and ending on a high with tracks such as Gold Skies. While I’m by no means a big fan of Martin, I have to say that the first half of the Essential Mix was enjoyably refreshing and illustrated the infamous star’s potential versatility. The latter half was unexceptional and fell a bit short in comparison to the introductory portion. Honestly I’m disappointed that he ended up playing Animals. Just a few weeks ago he exclaimed he was tired of the track and yet here he plays it for his debut Essential Mix. This 2 hour mix would have been a perfect time and place to show the world that like Avicii with Levels, Martin is done with Animals and that he’s moved on to new and greater projects, instead of perpetuating the life of this infamous hit.

You can listen to Martin Garrix’s full essential mix below: