A man who is as mysterious as he is talented, the multilateral forces of Solid Stone has been on fire for 2014 with a slew of quality releases as his ever encompassing potential finally reaches its peak. Already, he has released a stellar dual singles EP entitled Furious and We Are Here that has been supported by Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and Sied van Riel, and his upcoming vocal single of Not Enough with the wonderful talents of Jennifer Rene is already shaping up to be one of Re:Brand‘s greatest releases of this year. However, apart from his main moniker, Solid Stone has been hard at work laying the initial brickwork for his fantastic Diversion alias, and has interestingly been releasing more material under this guise than his main one. He is now well renowned for his heavy passion of the deeper end of the EDM spectrum and his adventurous, sublime productions remain a high point within the murky, underground sounds of Deep Progressive. Recently, he has been a frequent favorite on Enhanced‘s deeper sublabel, Colorize, and in this year alone, he has released a full crate of single releases which include timeless classics such as Underworld, The Man From The Moon, Wear & Tear and Dustforce. Now, he returns to Colorize with his deepest single to date entitled Mind Games, where its thick, submerged sounds and decadent sound designs will warp your mind into a complex labyrinth of various hues and colors.

Interestingly enough, this track seems to take certain cues from many different genres in terms of its rich orchestration, and upon realizing that fact within the first few beats, we can safely say that this track is already off to a great start. The arrangement is set up like an expansive atrium with its open air design, as each note and rhythm has ample space to walk in and around each other while loosely keeping rhythms in check, and it is this openness that allows Solid Stone to really delve deep into the gritty realm of unusual timbres. In the beginning of the piece, minimal Tribal drums collide head on with various Techno sensibilities as a commanding bassline takes hold of the entire phrase with conviction and confidence. A particularly gorgeous section occurs when the percussion seems to melt away from the phrase while the bass stays nice and in tact, and the ending result almost feels like a DJ transition into a prime class Ambient track. Within the elegant breakdown, layer upon layer of rich basslines wrap their tendrils around the brain without overwhelming it and the supplementing pad work really stretches out the atmosphere towards a larger, more expansive finish. A touch of Progressive is laden onto the thick, stew-like orchestration and slowly but surely, subtle percussions gingerly enter the arena with effortless tact and grace. This ultimately results in a continuation of the superb breakdown set to a forward driven percussion section, and while it doesn’t pound us through flashy beats and hard hitting basslines, its masterful design nearly matches its supreme complexity in spades.

Solid Stone‘s Mind Games will be out tomorrow on Colorize via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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