As one of the world’s leading innovators of pure Progressive driven music, the incredible talent that is Jaytech has systematically caused a huge shift in the currant affairs of the genre and his spellbinding productions have constantly broke the surface of true, musical innovation. There doesn’t seem to be a grounded label or genre that can fully encapsulate his complex, multifaceted sound as his tastes generate anywhere from classic Progressive grooves to edgy, Electro tinged Prog cuts that slices through the conventional formula for calm, peaceful Electronic Music. Along with his incredible tastes in music, Jaytech is also a leader in creating forward driven dance music, as classics such as Overdrive, Atlantic and Pepe’s Garden have stood the test of time and has held up their own against the increased bar of excellence that all Electronic Music producers have adjusted to. Jaytech began his career during 2006 in Australia and has been supported early on by Tiesto, Sasha and Armin van Buuren. During this time, his unique sound was quickly snapped up by Above & Beyond‘s prestigious sublabel, Anjunadeep, and from there, he achieved heavy success with singles such as New Vibe, Synergy and Stranger with Steve Smith. In 2008, he released his visionary debut album entitled Everything Is OK, which featured incredible singles such as Nighthawk, Pyramid and Drive, which further strengthened his reputation as an artist who was boundless by genres.

Fresh off the success of his debut album, Jaytech then decided to take things to the next level by transitioning from Anjunadeep into the main label of Anjunabeats with the release of his revolutionary second album entitled Multiverse, which was heavily supported by Ronski Speed, Andy Moor, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery and more. Since then, he has released some tasty new singles on Anjunabeats with singles such as Megastructure, Earthbound and a great collaboration with Super8 & Tab with the brazen Prog masterpiece, Code Red. Now, he sets his sights on the premiere of his brand new label entitled Positronic Digital, where it will be mainly focused as an exclusive outlet for all of his future releases, as well as a unique platform for other artists to embrace his passion for genre defying music. Already, he has unveiled four new singles entitled Blackout, Entropy, Tank Logic and Electron and has just released a fantastic new single entitled Afterburner that scorches through the competition with its incredibly rich sound design. We got the chance to sit down with Jaytech to talk shop about a number of different topics including his thoughts on the new label, his own unique sound and so much more. Check out our interview with him down below!

For those of us that may not know about you, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m an Australian music producer and DJ now living in Berlin, working with British label Anjunabeats as well as a new label of my own. I spend my weeks writing electronic tunes in my underground studio bunker of doom, and on weekends I jet off around the world on crazy adventures!


You often regard yourself as a ‘selector of new sounds’ with your own, musical tastes in sets and podcasts. What exactly do you mean by this statement and what separates you from the competition?

To be honest I try not to see it as competition, as this tends to make artists gear their career and musical style towards trying to win some kind of contest, which I think is not the right way of looking at it. But to answer your question, I’m shining a spotlight on lesser-known music that tells more forward-thinking stories through melody and harmony. The best tracks are ones that do this while also rocking a crowd in a live environment. Selecting new sounds means that we scour through hundreds of tracks a month to find new and up-and-coming talent who are doing cool things musically. I also showcase artists on my radio show and podcast by having them on board for guest mixes. There’s so much cool new talent out there but it can often get lost in the noise of weekly releases (of which there are thousands) so in the digital age consumers need curators of content to help unearth the very best stuff.


In 2012, you released the genre stretching album entitled Multiverse, which was a huge step in your career. How has your thinking evolved post-Multiverse musically, professionally and personally?

Releasing Multiverse allowed me to show the world the different styles and influences that make up my sound. The release of the album also signified a change from Anjunadeep to a more Anjunabeats sound, and since then, I’ve been playing more headline shows around the world. So, it definitely ushered in a new musical era for me, and taught me a lot about having a professional mindset when it comes to music production.



Out of all of the Progressive artists out there, your individual production style seems the most unique as it brilliantly mixes Prog, Electro and something more that I can’t put my finger on. How would you describe your own sound?

I would describe my sound as melodic house music for the trance crowd. I take influence from all kinds of house music, however it’s trance parties where my sound gets the best reaction. As everybody is floating around the 128BPM mark nowadays, it works well having my kind of music followed by a harder-edged trance act.


How was the move from Anjunadeep to Anjunabeats? What were some advantages, disadvantages and changes that had to be made for the switch?

My music was becoming more upbeat, whereas Anjunadeep was heading in a more deep house direction, so I made the jump. Being a Beats artist has helped turn my profile into a more headline act, however I still love the cult following Deep has and would love to do a deep house record for the imprint some time.


Tell us a little bit about your recent EP on Anjunabeats and your collaboration with Super8 & Tab with Code Red. What were some challenges, inspirations and struggles within the construction of these tracks?

We did a North America tour together back in February, and our management thought it would be cool to do a track together to tie in with the tour. Super8 & Tab initially sent me an idea they had been working on for ages to see if I could bring some new direction on it, however that didn’t work out, so I started a new project and drummed out some initial beats as well as the breakdown chords and melodies. From there they picked it up and turned it into a total trance monster! We were all really happy with it hitting the #1 spot on Beatport Trance, and it was in the top ten for weeks.


I read something from you that immensely intrigued me. Recently, you stated that ‘The music is digital and when interacting with people, it has a consciousness’. Can you explain this philosophy in more detail?

For me the best pieces of music are ones where there is a kind of invisible force playing it to you and you’re just writing it down. Music is the painting of the world around us through sonic vibrations, an expression of our culture that cannot be truly represented through words or any other medium. That’s why I think music creation has such an appeal – the deeper you get into it, the more you discover about yourself.


What advice do you have for aspiring producers?

Make your music sound as impactful and effortless as possible. Treat your projects as an enjoyable puzzle that you gradually and continually improve through small adjustments, rather than as a confusing mystery that needs to be solved in a hurry. It’s an exercise in seeing how awesome you can make it while having fun along the way, and if you keep this frame of mind it’s easier to move things in the right direction. Also, continually reference your projects to similar sounding, well-produced tracks (preferably in the same key), as that will shine a light on any problems or room for improvement.


Recently, you set up your new label of Positronic Digital with the Positronic EP as its maiden voyage. What were some of your inspirations for the label and where do you see it going from here?

Positronic is a new platform for progressive electronic music both from myself and other up-and-coming artists. We’ve got such a cool community of DJ’s and producers whose music and mixes feature regularly on my podcasts, and I think there’s really a space in the market right now for something like this, so it made sense. It’s a way I can communicate my own sound directly to my fans. I’ll still be doing Anjunabeats releases as well, when the style fits.


What can we expect from the future of Jaytech? Any new singles, collaborations or projects? I’ll leave you with the last word.

My new single Afterburner is out this week on Positronic Digital, and I have another new single coming later next month which we’ll be revealing soon. There’s a bunch of new collaborations on the way too – speaking of which, I’ve gotta dive back into the studio now and get working on a new tune with Boom Jinx!


Thank you so much for the great interview Jaytech! If you are interested in listening to his brand new single, Afterburner, go check out the Soundcloud links below and purchase a copy from Beatport with the link provided.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Jaytech- Afterburner (Original Mix)


Jaytech- Afterburner (Club Dub)

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