An EP full of remixes from Monstercat? Yes, which means you can expect a multitude of stellar artists on the project. Astronaut‘s Destination: Pinball features artists like Bear Grillz, The McMash Clan, Twine and even Astronaut gets in on the action with Skrapes for a sweet deep edit. All six tracks came out today, so you can purchase them through Beatport if you’d like to take them home. Before that, let’s get into a few of my favorites and see what we have.

In my opinion, the three acts who dropped it the hardest were Dubsidia, Bear Grillz and Twine; although, all of the tracks are more than good. Dubsidia turned up a glitchy midtempo record that just may take the high score for me. Bear Grillz dubstep take has his future primitive sound that can only be reproduced by one bear and one bear only. Then we have Twine whose trapped out take ventures into that hybrid territory bassheads have come to love. In checking out the rest, expect even more genre variety and expect and overwhelming urge to buy the whole project.

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