Electronic Dance Music or rather EDM, is widely used as an umbrella term for the plethora of genres that make up this scene. These genres have different roots, histories, fan bases, identities, and while some criticize the use of the term ‘genres’, they do have a raison d’être even if it’s utility alone. As individuals increasingly become introduced to EDM, they come to prefer one genre over another, whether it be for the people and community it harbors, or for the characteristic sounds that help to define it. With that in mind, it’s always interesting to see which genre the majority of people flock to, or which genre is garnering the most appreciation over time. That’s why we’re interested in hearing our readers’ opinions. That’s right, we want you all to cast your votes for your favorite genre.

Note: This is not supposed to decide which genre is best, and by no means are we claiming you can only like one genre. While we all love multiple genres across the wide spectrum of EDM (and outside of EDM as well), there often happens to be that one particular sound we prefer over the rest, that we could listen to day in and day out.