You’ve lost your friends, there’s thousands upon thousands of people around you, and, of course, your cell phone isn’t getting any service. If you’re a frequent music festival attendee, you’ve probably run into a situation like this. It can be very difficult to regroup and bad to zero cell service is a major part of the problem. Fortunately, the goTenna has arrived to lend a helping hand.

The goTenna is a wand similar to a USB stick and weighs about 2-ounces. By connecting to a specially designed smartphone app via low-energy Bluetooth, it allows you to send text messages even when there’s no cell services or wi-fi; additionally, the device allows you to share map points and even send encrypted messages. The company reports it has a Bluetooth pairing range of 330 feet but recommends the devices be within a smaller 20 foot range for optimum performance. They also followed up with how the device has “several miles of range” when it actually comes to cell signal boosting. It fits easily in your pocket and can also attach to your belt loop. With the goTenna, ‘no service’ is no problem. If you’re interested in ordering some for your next festival, a pair can pre-ordered for about $149 on their website. In the meantime, check out the video below or their FAQ page for more information.

via goTenna