In this week’s round of “Fresh Face Friday”, we are working with a wide variety of House from Electro to ambient and a mixture of up-beat and fun in between. Converging on the end of the House portion of this segment in the next couple of weeks, we are going out with a bang with the best of the best up and coming producers. So without further ado, I give you this week’s Fresh Face Friday.

D.R.U Sounds – Ready

One after another the elements in this one build up the frequency band into an ear full of goodies. Your first introduction is always an important factor in the instances that follow. D.R.U doesn’t disappoint us here as the piano effortlessly fades into unison with the bass. Those two act accordingly as they drop everything into a funky synth infused Electro House/ Dub tune with a plethora of diversity and fist pumping following the main verse.

D.R.U Sounds on Facebook & Twitter

YoeMase – My Will Goes On Part 3

In a bio that was a little unorthodox, YoeMase or Yosef left me with a third person narrative as to why he loves what he does and a little bit about himself. Stating that, “he loves collaborations with unknowns” and “only hopes that people will listen and enjoy his music”. He also admits to the fact that he likes to speak in the third person after writing the whole email that way by saying that, “he also loves talking in third person”, but needless to say whether first, second or third; the lad makes some solid tunes.

YoeMase on Facebook

Rocketman – Lift Off

Looking to Monstercat and M4SONIC for the majority of his inspiration this young lad claims to have attributed his open mindedness to the possibilities of EDM from those two listed above. With a common theme and meticulous planning in his composition “Rocketman”, otherwise known as Josh, uses his name, the name of the song and the sounds within to tell a story about “Lifting Off” from here to another place or maybe a lift off from in the music industry it’s up for interpretation as far as I know.

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