‘Switchblade’ starts out with a strong sense of Eastern influences, with charming and alluring vocals in the background. Soon enough, the heavily modulated synths and bassline come in, with raucous intent — your cue to start jumping. It’s not long before the rise seamlessly falls into the drop and you’re left with a heavy glitch track with just enough energy and bounce to set the dance floor on fire.

Serenity has dabbled in all types of bass music, whether it’s Drum & Bass or dubstep, even liquid. His ever-expanding repertoire is one of the alluring aspects of his brand, and it’s what keeps listeners coming back for more. That sense of “What will he do next?” is an invaluable resource in an industry that is so intent on sticking with the status quo.

You can grab ‘Switchblade’ for free HERE and be sure to follow him on Facebook for the first news on releases.