Excision is back with a brand new Shambhala mix, shattering the line between intensity and absurdity with the heaviest drops in bass music. The mix is stacked like never before with 80+ tracks featuring Getter, Barely Alive, Twine, Zomboy, and The Frim! Ex also blessed us with an accompanying compilation album, composed of 42 full tracks featured in the mix!

After the signature “X’s Up” intro featuring Messinian, Zomboy comes in heavy with “Skull & Bones” from his debut album, “The Invasion.” Establishing a rapid track pace early, the tape flows seamlessly into The Frim’s “What Chu Gon Do,” slowly dropping the tempo along the way to give listeners rest. It is this formula that propels Excision and his mixing ability to the top of the game – hit ‘em hard, transition into a similar tune with a lower tempo, rinse and repeat. In that way, house, dubstep and trap genres all find ample space to shine while blending into the next, all in efficient succession.

Relative newcomers Barely Alive are featured extensively throughout with a pair of original tracks and remixes. Ray Volpe’s take on, “Welcome to the Real World ft. Diamond Eyes” is huge!

But what seems to be a mortal lock for the heaviest segment of Shambhala ’14 is a trio of tracks beginning with The Frim’s 2014 remaster of “Bassline Skanka.” The beat is contagious, and the only antidote seems to be Dion Timmer’s savage remix of “On the Floor” by AFK ft. Messinian. Few tracks, drumstep or otherwise, can match the furious energy released on this drop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Finally, Skrillex’s “Ragga Bomb” carries the tone of the tape back to more stable ground, still packing a punch in its own right.

Overall, the Shambhala 2014 mixtape is a tour de force – the most gripping, chaotic-yet-controlled set we’ve ever heard Excision throw down. What began as an annual showcase of bass music’s most vicious has evolved into a standard-setting thrill ride that transforms the scene each year. Indeed, the bar has been raised once again.

Stream the Shambhala 2014 mixtape on Soundcloud below and head over to iTunes and grab the first ever compilation mix! At just $9.99, this thorough journey through hardcore bass is more than worth the donation.