I was never really a big fan of trap music. I always felt like it was too dark, simplistic, and monotonous. Recently, however, its been growing on me, and I don’t know why. I’ve been particularly enjoying melodic trap, so whenever I come across a tune that even partially resembles that style, I’m usually all over it. That’s where “Faith” comes in.

T-Mass and PatrickReza (aka two of my favorite melodic dubstep producers) really outdid themselves on this one, delivering an unrelenting festival-style trap tune, a genre you don’t usually associate with these two dudes. “Faith” starts out simple with drums and vocal chops in the foreground, along with a subtle lead sound in the background. The tune sounds pretty normal up until the first drop, at which point, all hell breaks loose. The lead is a simplistic, yet powerful catchy synth with a shit-load of reverb slapped on — it’s awesome. The second drop follows suit and sustains the festival-style atmosphere, making for one hell of a (free) tune. Check it out below.

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